Discover the natural treasures of the Indonesian Island of Gods! 

The island of Bali has many plants and herbs, whose beneficial effects have been used by local people for centuries. We offer you the exclusive and original natural products for your health and beauty

Welcome to the place where the passion for travel was the beginning! On our trips to Indonesia, we had the opportunity to try out a number of local products, and we bring the best of them to you.

The offer of original products from Indonesia na is gradually expanding. You can look forward for example to a beneficial anti-ageing gold mask!

We care about the quality of imported natural products and we test them carefully to ensure that they are safe and in compliance.

We believe that this piece of traditional Balinese medicine will appeal to you as well.

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What does Balinese gold look like?

Over 30 years ago, Indonesian scientist Pak Oles put together more than 135 essential oils from medicinal plants to produce an exceptional Bokashi Rub Oil. This oil combines the enormous power of nature and valuable antioxidants.

In Bali, it is one of the most popular oils (so-called Balinese gold), which is used mainly for minor skin injuries and as an effective after-sun care. It has exceptional regenerative and hydrating effect. During massages it helps to relax stressed and sore muscles, that is why is so popular among actively living people and athletes.

The high content of natural compounds helps to relieve clogged nose and Bokashi Rub Oil inhalations improves the progress of upper respiratory diseases. In our offer you will find a basic package of 65 ml, but also a family package (140 ml), practical roll-on for travel and drops (Drop Oil) for internal use for digestive problems.

Tea with exceptional effects

Discover a plant called Ashitaba (Angelica Keiskei) that has unprecedented potential! Ever since the time of the Samurai, it has been believed to be a plant of longevity and strength. Ashitaba contains a high content of antioxidants, which ensure the cleansing process of cells, protect against free radicals and slow down the aging. It is highly effective in weight loss, supports natural detoxification and its composition contributes to the protection of the cardiovascular system. More and more research and opinions from experts are in favour of its positive contribution.
We offer Ashitaba tea in 100% organic quality, grown without chemicals and pesticides.