MUSCLE AND JOINT PAIN: gently massage the painful spots several times a day.

  • COUGH AND COLD: add 10-15 drops of BRO to 1 liter of water. Inhale the hot bath 3 times a day. To enhance the effect, massage the chest and back. In case of cold spread around the nostrils

  • ACNE: apply 1-2 drops to the affected area, the BRO disinfects

  • WOOD TICK: apply BRO to the tick-hit spot, DO NOT apply the oil directly to the already attached tick

  • MINOR BURNS, SUNBURN: cool the affected area with cold water and then apply a few drops of BRO

  • SCRAPES AND MINOR INJURIES: rinse the wound with clean water, clean it from dirt and apply BRO

  • COLD SORES, APHTHA AND ANY OTHER MOUTH ULCERS: apply several times daily to the affected area

  • ATHLETES FOOT: apply to affected areas 3 times a day

  • INSECT BITING: BRO is unique - can be used as a repellent, as a precaution we recommend that you apply unprotected areas with a fine BRO layer, heals the bites, relieves from swelling and itching

  • TATTOO: apply after tattoo to prevent infections and to speed up healing

  • AROMATHERAPY: add 10-15 drops of oil to the aroma lamp

  • HERPES ZOSTER: apply twice a day to the affected area

  • CLOGGED NOSE AND CAVITIES: add 15-20 drops to the bath and inhale at least 20 minutes twice a day

  • BLISTERS: wash the blister thoroughly and apply the BRO directly to it

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