We bring you healing Balinese oil from distant Indonesia to your home.

Bokashi Rub Oil is often referred to as a liquid Balinese gold. This unique blend of essential oils and antioxidants is often used throughout Indonesia. Not only locals have succumbed to a wide spectrum of healing effects, but many travelers also take medicinal oil with them on their travels.

Bokashi Rub Oil consists of more than 135 medicinal herbs. Their unique combination and gentle processing guarantee high efficiency. The oil is sought after for its many healing effects.

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Pak Oles

The history of Bokashi Rub Oil dates back to the 1990s. Its development is underpinned by a Bali scientist Gede Ngurah Wididana, or Pak Oles, who has devoted his entire life to researching and developing organic medicinal products on the island of Bali.

He gained his experience during internships abroad at Japanese universities, where he was a student of the respected and acclaimed prof. Dr. Teruo Higa, inventor of EM technology. This gentle method of processing The Effective Micro-organism Technology is used to produce the entire Bokashi Rub Oil product line.