Ashitaba 50 tablets

Ashitaba powder is made from the leaves, stems and roots of Ashitaba, which contains a number of nutrients, vitamins and Chalcone (yellow juice).

The powder contains fiber, which is very useful for digestion. It is used as a prevention against inflammation and colon cancerc. The stem-derived powder contains polyphenolic antioxidants. CHALCONE (yellow juice) is a highly prized antioxidant. Studies have confirmed that yellow concentrated juice contains flavonoids (xanthoangelol - E and 4-hydroxyoxyderricin). These substances are highly antioxidant. They are used in the treatments of cancer, hepatitis and HIV positive patients. CHALCONE supports the production of interferon (a substance that inhibits the growth of wild cells).

CHALCONE (ASHITABA powder) is used for:

  • lowering blood pressure
  • regulating blood cholesterol levels
  • to stabilize blood sugar
  • helps with weight loss / weight loss diets /
  • strengthens the immune system
  • prevention of thrombosis
  • improves memory
  • stimulates the growth of damaged nerves
  • reduces joint and muscle pain / arthritis /
  • helps to improve kidney function
  • prevention of osteoporosis
  • suppresses allergic symptoms
  • acts as an antiviral
  • eliminates increased gastric acid
  • has deuretic properties that help with body detox

For those who have trouble consuming powder.


1 tablet twice a day. Drink with at least 2 dcl of water.

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