Bokashi Rub Oil 65 ml

Bokashi Rub Oil is made by fermenting more than 135 kinds of medicinal herbs in coconut oil. It is one of the most popular medicinal oils, not only on Bali but also in Indonesia, where it is used by more than 350 million people.

BRO is often referred to as liquid Balinese gold. This unique blend of essential oils and antioxidants is commonly used throughout Indonesia. Not only the locals have succumbed to its wide spectrum of healing effects, but also many travelers have liked it and carry it with them on their travels.

EFFECTS of Bokashi Rub Oil

- it is very effective for healing small wounds, burns and pain relief

- eliminates the effects of insect bites, itching, also acts as a repellent

- lowers temperature, heals minor rashes, helps relieve muscle and joint pain

- suitable for inhalation with cold and cough

- supports blood circulation and therefore is used as a massage oil

- aromatherapy effects for the whole body are increased by adding a few drops to the hot bath

- when used regularly, it has significant rejuvenating and regenerating effects on your skin

- works very well as a healing balm after depilation or shaving

- application after tattoo prevents infection and speeds up healing

- you can not resist its captivating and exclusive fragrance

Bokashi Rub Oil is available in various sizes. This small package fits easily into any handbag.

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